Hexham Bluegrass

Hexham has become the place for bluegrass and old time music in this part of England. It started at Core Music in Hexham, itself the very centre of everything music in Hexham. Making music accessible was, and is, fundamental to Core Music.

One of the early introductory folk workshops included bluegrass and old time tunes and a few of those attending formed their own bluegrass and old time workshop/sessions. Over time, professional bluegrass musicians were invited to lead the workshops. Hexham Bluegrass was the first outcome and this now comprises musicians playing guitar, banjo, harmonica, mandolin, double bass, banjo and washboard, and a good spread of singers, of course.

More recently, Slow and Steady workshops have been set up to cater for those new to bluegrass and oldtime music or who are fairly early in the their musical journey
Youth Bluegrass workshops are aimed at younger musicians who want to try bluegrass and old time, and plans are in the pipeline to provide folk instrument tuition for beginners.

The Hexham Bluegrass Festival is a celebration of the journey so far and is proud to announce it’s second festival this July 28-30th all over the town!

The aim of ‘Bluegrass in Hexham’ is to provide a supportive learning, playing and listening environment for anyone who is interested in bluegrass and old time music in the North of England

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