We steal flyers

We Steal Flyers – An International Touring duo from the heart of Northumberland.

Over the years that they have been together “We Steal Flyers” have released and toured three albums across the UK, Europe and USA (playing the SXSW Festival).
They have sold almost 5000 hard copies by hand and many more on-line. They love what they do and with this combined with hard work and determination, they play an impressive 200 shows a year.
They receive radio support across the world (including the BBC in the UK) and with the success of their online status they have followers and friends in many places.
We steal flyers love to take their music to wherever they can and their blend of songwriting talents, beautiful harmonies and fun loving attitudes mean they are absolutley perfect for all types of gigs and of course they love festival season.

Website – www.westealflyers.co.uk
Youtube – www.youtube.com/westealflyers
Facebook – www.facebook.com/westeaflyers

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