Performance Poetry

Performance Poetry

Welcome to 2019 Redefest Performance Poetry. After the success of last years Poetry Hour, our resident poet David Roe, The ‘Unexpected’ Poet brings us a new collection of poets from around the region. David Roe, The ‘Unexpected’ Poet Still working hard as a chimney sweep, David returns to Redefest after a 2nd successful year in … Continued

Ukulele workshop

Ian K Brown A regular at Redefest, lots of fun to be had learning to play the Ukulele, all ages welcome! Beginners Ukulele Workshop Be ready to sing, have fun and surprise yourself. This workshop is suitable for total beginners (aged 8 – 80+) and those who have made a start but cannot join chords … Continued

Clay and pottery

Susan Kelly Loads of fun to be had making anything you want from clay! Sue will help you make new memories and unique ceramic artworks. For beginners, experts, young and old alike, all are welcome to have a go. Moulding from self-hardening clay means you’ll be able to take home your project to display, use or even wear.

Hang drum and drum workshop

Simon Wood A massive hit with everyone last year! Simon’s drum workshop had children and adults drumming together making some great beats, come along and get involved! Simon’s hang drum music has got to be seen/heard by everyone, have a look at his site for more info:

Storyteller Jim

Jim tells stories for whoever turns up to listen- often there are more smiling adults jostling for space than there are  enchanted children! Jim tells stories to people gathered on a hillside, sitting in a circle at school, round a fire side, in a castle- you name it, it’s probably happened! After many years as … Continued

Penny Whistle

Maggie Feeney Maggie has a love of music which spans many genres, but her main interest is songs/poems about the history and people of the North of England. Maggie has been singing since childhood and taught herself to play the guitar as a teenager. Maggie was well known on the Tyneside folk scene in the … Continued

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